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Our Work

AHSHAY works to build up the fortifiers of hope and health for youth and unbuild the fortifications of youth incarceration. Explore our projects below.



Unbuilding Harm

We are deepening and expanding our partnerships. We nurture spaces where partners can see their role in unbuilding youth incarceration.


Building Hope

We are cultivating spaces for communities to name where they want to go. Our work centers and honors youth voice.


Joy-Based Work

This work is rooted in joy. Joy that is broader than a moment and deeper than a circumstance.

Fortifying Futures for our Youth

Co-creating joyful solutions to youth homelessness and incarceration.

Youth Firearm Violence Intervention

A social impact evaluation rooted in community-based efforts to sustain...

Ending Youth Detention

Collaborating to decommission King County's youth detention center by 2025.

Community Resource Landscaping

Identifying gaps and opportunities to support youth outside of incarceration.

All young people deserve more than just the absence of harm or incarceration. They deserve lives filled with growth and possibility.

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Detention does not reduce crime or make communities safer. A Washington State study found that each additional day in detention increased the odds of future rearrest by one percentage point.


The foundations of youth detention are rooted in racism. Black and Indigenous youth are 3 to 4 times more likely to be detained than white youth.

Communities know best

There are many promising community-based programs that can be more successful than detention and incarceration.

$87,540 annually

Washington state spends $87,540 annually to incarcerate a single youth. Community-based programs are less expensive, more effective, and rooted in hope.

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