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Youth Firearm Violence Intervention

A social impact evaluation and assessment of what it takes to sustain safety and wellbeing.


AHSHAY worked with the Firearm Injury and Policy Research Program (FIPRP) at the University of Washington.

Project Goals


Collaborative Evaluation and Assessment

We evaluated local community-based organizations providing youth firearm prevention programming. The process involved hearing stories, key perspectives, and co-creating a theory of change. We also collaborated on developing assessment measures and processes.


Redefining Safety

Usually, evaluations of community programs to reduce violence focus on negative outcomes. Through deep listening and collaborative workshops, FIPRP took a different approach. Instead of indicators like arrests or injuries, we focused on services and structures that support well-being and safety. These measures will inform future state-funded evaluations of such programs.



AHSHAY will continue to amplify community-based firearm prevention efforts statewide.

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