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  • Rooted in love.

  • Nurtured by community. 

  • Reaching towards abundance.

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Abundance is our oxygen and Relationships breathe life into our work.


We believe in our birthright to thrive and create self-sustaining systems of mutual support within communities, freely sharing wisdom, resources, and power.


We value people first! We take time to listen intentionally, pause, reflect, and honor accumulated knowledge and community wisdom.



Joy flows through our work and we are anchored in Wellness.


We are a beloved community that honors and celebrates lived experience. We intentionally hold space for connection, laughter, gratitude, and reflection.


Our whole selves, community health, public health, mental health, and generational/environmental wellness ground and focus our efforts.



We are grounded in Equity and our path is forged through Co-creation.


We are actively anti-racist, fiercely pro-Black, and committed to collective liberation.


We center participatory design approaches to ensure that wisdom-based narratives and the experiences of those deeply impacted by and invested in this work are centered and leading the direction of our programs and projects.



Youth Brilliance ignites our efforts and Persistence sustains our work.

Youth Brilliance

We honor the self-efficacy, brilliance and experience of young people. We curate safe spaces where youth belong and take actions towards realizing their vision of success.


We focus diligently on the long-game and shift timelines as necessary. We are resolute in our work, constantly challenging systems of power that have caused harm.

We listen deeply. We partner intentionally. We collaborate consciously. We work closely with youth and community partners to unbuild harm and build hope.

Learn how we build

AHSHAY is a Black-led, multi-identity group. We are a team of catalysts, allies, and organizers. Our diverse talents and abilities help us support the boundless brilliance of youth.

Dr. Ben Danielson

Center Director

Brenda Majercin


Janell Jordan

Project Manager

Vivian Lyons

Research Scientist

Dominique Smith

Community Outreach

Our Partners

Our Funders
The support and generosity of our funders makes our work possible.
Our Core Partners
We are honored to work with creative and collaborative partners to build hope.

Coming Together for Youth Abundance

Watch Dr. Ben Danielson, Director of AHSHAY, discuss why we focus on youth abundance, today and tomorrow.

AHSHAY has two locations: one at the University of Washington and the other in Seattle’s Rainier Valley neighborhood.

The University of Washington School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences serves the mental health needs of incarcerated youth. AHSHAY’s presence in this department and the broader university supports efforts to make the university’s network of resources and opportunities better serve communities most impacted by youth incarceration.

The Tubman Center for Health & Freedom provides primary and preventative care, community resources, social services, political education and advocacy. Tubman operates as AHSHAY’s community-based fiscal sponsor and its community host agency.

We’re always looking for talented, driven individuals to join our mission. Explore open opportunities below.

There are no current job openings. Visit AHSHAY’s LinkedIn to keep up with new opportunities.

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