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Dr. Ben Danielson

Dr. Ben Danielson


Center Director

Ben believes in young people. He believes in both collective liberation and in being pro-Black. He asserts that the right-thing-to-do is known and we must not talk ourselves out of doing it. He believes there is an abundance of brilliance all around us and that we do not lack ideas or effective approaches to even our greatest challenges. Ben understands that the best solutions most often come from the wisdom of those most impacted by injustice. He holds bold certainty that cultivating relationships makes for a better world.

Ben has benefitted from co-conspiring with brilliant youth and a wide array of compassionate people. He realizes he is often the least useful member of the circles he joins and he is inspired – every day – by the young people, families, communities, and organizations with whom he interacts.

There is a profound joy that each of us is due. It comes from a deep regard for our ancestral paths, the powerful love of those who know us, a reflective understanding of our worth and purpose, a sense of dignity that is expressly offered and received, a flywheel of discovery based on the unfading spark of curiosity, and the honor of sharing the long collective journey together.

‘I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change; I am changing the things I cannot accept’
Angela Davis