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Fortifying Futures Project: June Wrap-up

Last updated 28/6/2024

Project Updates

We are excited to share our latest project update and celebrate the progress we’ve made so far. As we reflect, we want to thank all our participants for their vulnerability, collaboration and willingness to be part of this journey. We’re not only building relationships but fostering a culture of mutual respect and collaboration. In June, we learned about each other’s unique contributions and experiences, engaged on a deeper level and tapped into our “why,”and collectively embraced the contributions of all team members.

The adult team and youth team are fully formed. Both teams are aligned in their design meeting spaces. Each age caucused group is on track (or learning journey) over the next several months with overlapping goals and objectives. Their overarching goal is to come together as an abundant focused and empathy driven group in September for the first design thinking facilitated space. The adult team is working on building deeper connections, naming and holding group agreements, understanding adultism and adopting anti-adultism practices, and  understanding and utilizing each member’s unique contributions. The youth team is beginning to build on their leadership skills through mentoring, training and hands-on experiences within the group leading activities. 

In May, AHSHAY hosted a welcome luncheon for our advisors and  planning is underway for the next advisory meeting. 

Our research and design team presented to the adult and youth teams, sharing their knowledge on research and measurement. The research team’s presentation delved into the research methodologies, collective imagining, potential activities and offered guidance. This included  how both teams could potentially document and process shared learning experiences. During the video presentation, our team provided an overview of the current process along with reflective questions.They also highlighted the importance of community consent and involvement in research, and shared  examples of community-led research projects. Lastly, AHSHAY’s  team  outlined the process for sharing learnings and data externally, and the goals and processes for a youth and adult learning project, including reflective practices, co-design, and the documentation of learning journeys.

AHSHAY’s consultants hosted a series of workshops on Adultism and Intergenerational Spaces co-facilitated and designed by youth consultants.  

As we navigate the complexities of the project, we’ve encountered challenges. Despite those challenges we experienced, we remain dedicated to our mission, vision and project values. We embrace transparency and taking accountability. We invite you to connect with us and share your thoughts. We value feedback as a powerful way of learning on this journey. 

Upcoming Events:
Summer Social

Community Spotlight: AHSHAY's Youth Consultants + Facilitators

AHSHAY strongly values community input as part of the Fortifying Futures Project planning process. More specifically, youth voice, input and expertise is vital to the work we do. To honor this intention, we partner with youth consultants to develop trainings, program projects and more. Below are two youth consultants who focused their efforts within our Adultism Training and Design Team.

Jessica Curry, Design Team Consultant

How do your values as a consultant align with AHSHAY’s organizational values?

My values as a consultant align with AHSHAY’s organizational values in every way, but my favorite value after this experience has to be water. Being in each meeting, even if we were all having a tired or slow day, I felt the joy flowing through our work with the passion the group brought and the anchoring in wellness. Checking in with one another and giving everyone the space to tend to their needs even during meetings is something I was grateful to experience.

What was a highlight for you in working with AHSHAY? What pathway do you see being created with your work?

A highlight for me in working with AHSHAY was this was my first consultant position, so it was a learning experience. I’m close to aging out of being a ‘youth’, but I still had to bring myself back to being in highschool or in college, and the concerns those experiences bring. Being able to interact and advocate for the youth was a beautiful experience. The pathway I see being created with my work is expanding my community engagement and development experience. 

Shadia Amir, Adultism Training Consultant

How do your values as a consultant align with AHSHAY’s organizational values?

As a youth worker, AHSHAY’s organizational values align very closely with my own. AHSHAY and I share a belief in the transforming power of collective liberation, and young people, when given the proper support, resources, dignity, and autonomy, have the capability of imagining and building a liberatory world for all people. They are our future, and it is a personal and professional mission of mine to provide adults with the tools they need to engage with young people in this change work. 

Paola Maranan, Co-design Facilitator and Design Partner

Meet our co-design facilitator and design partner, Paola Maranan from IMAGO LLC.  
Co-design members play a key role in shaping the direction, outcomes and the impact of a community collaborative project. Being a co-design member means being an actively engaged learner in the process of co-creation where diverse perspectives and experiences come together and drive emergent ideas to drive innovation. 

As a design partner, Paola brings a deep knowledge of systems theory, emergent strategy, human centered design. Facilitating sessions to develop actions that promote and encourage belonging, connectedness, and outcomes grounded in community sustainability, anti-racist, upstream solutions, vetting of proposed actions and building consensus.

Pause for Joy

Welcome Advisory Team!

In May we had the opportunity to host our advisory team to a welcome luncheon. Over 23 community-based organizations, community members and donors were in attendance. It was a wonderful time full of connecting, sharing a delicious meal together, hearing what brought each of us together and learning more about each other. Every person added beautiful contributions to the space and the intentionality was greatly felt. We would like  to express our gratitude for each advisor for all that you do in the community and spending the afternoon with us.

Community Amplifier

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