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Mahogany Tucker

Mahogany Tucker


Project Specialist

Mahogany is a passionate advocate for healing and empowerment within individuals with intersectional identities and the evolving networks of supportive communities. Drawing inspiration from the intersection of organizational change and African-American liberation, she is committed to fostering resilience and centering the Black Community in her work.

As a tenacious collaborator, Mahogany skillfully creates and shares products and services that incorporate her thorough analysis. She believes in using art as a medium to uplift and highlight the strength and resilience of the Black Community.

Mahogany is deeply invested in serving her community, integrating her own love of literature and mysticism into all her relationships. She actively immerses herself in the issues impacting the local Black Community, recognizing the interconnectedness and intergenerational nature of these challenges.

“The price we pay for being ourselves is worth it.”
Eartha Kitt